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Every year, new strides are being made and we are introduced to new products and technologies that have the ability to change the world we know. The advances can range from simple to complex, from ways to make it easier for customers to pay small business owners online to gadgets we can barely believe exist. Regardless of their scope, these four new technologies are extraordinary and can alter the way we live our lives.

Nuclear Reactors.

Meltdown-proof nuclear reactors are in the works around the world and many are hopeful they become a reality in the next 5-10 years. They are the way to safer, cleaner nuclear energy and allow us to maintain our tech savvy lives. Molten salt reactors are an alternative that is cost effective and clean. Right now, 11 percent of the world’s energy is provided by nuclear power.

Aqueous Hybrid Ion.

Stationary batteries have the ability to store surplus solar and wind energy, and turn an unpredictable power source into a constant flow of electrons. Many are made from toxic or flammable materials. To carry the charge, the Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) battery depends on a salt water-based electrolyte. It is low in cost, nontoxic, and it cannot overheat. It has a life long cycle, too, and can be used in your home on the grid. It’s different than today’s batteries.

Google Android.

A wearable operating system that will soon emerge, the Google Android has every major hardware manufacturing vying for its share of the action. This wearable gives Google an edge on its competition with the standard operating system across most manufacturers because there are thousands of apps that easily sync with Android devices. Users have the ability to make phone calls, control media players like Netflix, track the steps they take, map out an unfamiliar driving route, tell the time, and more, all from the small screen on their wrist.

The Google Android helps people manage a business from remote locations -- Gallup’s annual Work and Education poll tells us that thirty-seven percent of workers in the U.S. have telecommuted at some point. This device supports team members who don’t always work in the office and adds ease to the workday.

Fujifilm instax SHARE-SP-2 Printer

Print photos from anywhere with this printer that fits right in your pocket. Many people have smartphones with the ability to take pictures, but still can’t have the image right in their hands. This new printer gives you just what you want by instantly printing high quality pictures you snap on your smartphone.

The process couldn’t be easier; it takes about 10 seconds to print a 2.44in x 1.81in photograph. The image quality is sharp and the color development is better than ever, thanks to Fujifilm’s 80 years of experience in the film industry.

These solutions solve basic problems around the country and the world. Each of these new products and technology are changing our world, and enhancing our personal and professional lives.

What new, innovative technologies do you think will change your life?

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