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Search engine optimization (SEO) has become more than just an activity today. It is a business that has spread to all corners of the world. The advantage of SEO is that it is very simple and helpful to businesses. Anyone who is running an online business should not have a problem with performance because of the blessings that have been brought about by SEO. There are many ways of promoting your business using the search engines. Tools have been designed to make sure that your SEO campaigns are more than efficient. Two of the finest tools in this case are Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Optimizing for Google

Google is undeniably the biggest search engine on the planet today. As a matter of fact, Google has become a verb as well. It is not uncommon to hear people say, “I will just google it.” Therefore, optimizing your website for Google is definitely a smart idea. This is because it is the most used- simply because of that. Google commands a following in terms of billions. Microsoft’s Bing is also a popular search engine that commands huge numbers, owing to the fact that Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system when it comes to computers.

It is worth noting that if you optimize your site for Google, then you are probably optimizing for other search engines as well. Google has made SEO such an easy task by providing tools that make it possible for you to keep track of your website’s performance on the search engine. Two of these tools are the aforementioned Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Making the most of Google Adwords

Google Adwords is more like a free marketing platform. Well, it is not entirely free because you will be paying as per people click on your ads. What Google does is provide you with a platform to market your products and services. This makes it possible for your business to work on a tight marketing budget. If at all you want a platform where you can display your ads on Google or anywhere on its advertising network, then this is the tool for you to use.

Adwords is the first step to create that SEO campaign that is going to bring in great returns to your business. This is not easy to do at first, but then once you get the gist of how things are going, you will have fun using Adwords. Getting those fantastic spots on websites where you can reach out to your target market easily, should not be such a difficult task with this tool. Of course, with increase in marketing there is increased traffic and improved results on the search engine ranking.

Bring in some analytics

By using Google Analytics, you can figure out how your website is performing on the search engines. The advantages of Google analytics are probably even more than those that Adwords bring. This is probably because you will have learnt how to use the Google analytics long before you think of Adwords. Basically, analytics is all about tracking the performance of a website on the search engines. This is not a difficult task nowadays. There is technology that has made it possible for people to do this by themselves.

About ten years ago, it would have been totally impossible to keep track of your website’s activity unless you paid a fortune for it. Google Analytics is a tool that has come to make this task so much easier and the best part of it all is that it is free. The fact that it is free means that you do not have any excuse for not using it. There are so many reasons why people love Google Analytics aside from the fact that it is free.

1. It provides vital information concerning customers

Where do a majority of your visitors come from? The location of your visitor is of great importance because it can help you to focus your marketing campaign. Google Analytics will not only give you information about where your visitors access the website from, it will also tell you where they located your site from. Finding out where your visitors track your website from is of great importance. It will help you to improve your marketing campaigns.

2 .What pages are most popular?

There are parts of your website that people are visiting in large numbers. Is it that page where there are fashion tips or the one where you evaluate people’s fashion on your fashion blog? The most popular pages of your website will be noted down by Google Analytics.

3. Fine tuning your site

Google Analytics provides you the opportunity to fine tune your site in ways that you cannot begin to imagine. It is a really simple way to improve the quality of your website. It will help you to fine tune your site effortlessly.

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