4 Top Ways to Stand Out at a Trade Show


For many businesses, both large and small, attending trade shows is a crucial part of their marketing plan. Whether you plan to attend smaller shows or huge industry events, trade shows and exhibitions can be an awesome source of new leads for your company and a great way to gain a ton of exposure to potential new customers and more. But, like all other forms of marketing, holding a successful trade show exhibit is all about standing out from the crowd and being noticed. The more people that you can encourage to walk over to your stand, the better your results will be. Here are our top tips for attracting more visitors to your business exhibition stands.

Interesting Banners and Posters

Using interesting, colorful retractable banner stands is a simple yet effective method of ensuring that you stand out at a trade show. Professionally designed, appealing and engaging banners that encourage your visitors to read the information are essential. But, one that then leaves them wanting to find out more is a great asset for any company to have at a trade show.

Somewhere to Wind Down

Trade shows and business exhibitions can quickly get busy, and after attendees have been on their feet all day exploring the different brands, products and services on show, they will be grateful of somewhere to sit down and relax. Providing some sofas or a table and chairs where your visitors can sit down, chill out for a while and grab a glass or water or even a hot drink is sure to gain you plenty of reputation points as an exhibitor. A welcoming, comfortable and friendly environment is key to achieving a high number of new leads.

Suss Out the Competition

When you attend a trade show as a business, keeping ahead of your competition should be one of your main priorities. Since exhibitions and trade shows mean that you could be battling it out in close proximity to your main competitor the whole time, having an idea of what they’ll be doing can make it easier to hold your own. Visiting your competitors’ social media pages beforehand to get an idea of the kind of exhibits they hold will give you an advantage over them as you can determine what it is that they aren’t doing. For example, if they usually put up a stand that’s large and impressive, you could focus on making yours a little smaller and cozier.

Offer Free Perks

Everybody loves a freebie, so offering your visitors something free of charge simply for heading over and taking a look is a good way to attract a higher foot-fall. But, when it comes to choosing what to give, it’s important to make sure that you don’t end up simply offering the same type of things as your competitors, for example, free pens or keyrings. Offering free Wi-Fi at your stand is a great way to encourage more visitors over, and will make it easier for you to gain more leads.

Which trade show marketing strategies do you use to stand out? Let us know in the comments.

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