Best Outings Makes It Easy to Find Golf Courses for Non-Profit Tournaments


When entrepreneur Mike Last recognized a common problem faced by golfers, he decided that he’d create the ultimate solution. As a result, he launched, where you can find the perfect golf course, specifically for non-profit tournaments. By blasting out RFPs (requests for proposals), to hundreds of golf courses in a particular geo-location, Mike Last has created a product that makes it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for with greater ease than ever. Keep reading to learn more about Best Outings and what makes it stand out from other resources for locating golf courses throughout the country.

How Best Outings Works for Golf Outing Event Coordinators

Whether you find yourself regularly planning golf outings, or if you want to plan your very first golf outing, you can use the free quote request tool on Best Outings, or you can simply browse through the information that the website provides.

The Best Outings research team has already done all of the hard work for you by scouring the Internet for all of the best golf courses throughout the United States where you can host your next golf outing event. Simply utilize the golf course map or the site’s course directory to quickly and easily locate the ideal golf course.

By saving time searching for the right golf course where you can host your event, you can focus more of your effort and time on other things on your to-do list, such as securing sponsors for the event.

How Best Outings Works for Golf Course Managers

In addition to helping golfers locate the best golf courses throughout the country with ease, Best Outings is also a valuable tool for the golf course managers at those facilities. After all, Best Outings has given these managers an outlet by which they can more easily host more golf outings and increase their profits.

As a golf course manager, all you have to do is send Best Outings your up-to-date information about your golf course. And your marketing manager can also begin receiving golf outing requests automatically, which means you’ll have to do less work, too, because people will find you to host their events, rather than having to search for golfers who are interested in working with you.

The best part is that your Best Outings listing will be free, and you can keep this free service as long as you continue using OneSpareTeeTIme in order to handle all of the requests that you receive from a variety of charitable organizations hoping to host an event.

Everyone Working Together

So, to summarize how Best Outings works, the company’s experts do extensive research to find the most comprehensive information on thousands of popular golf courses around the country. Then, with the help of user feedback, the listings are continually updated. Finally, decision makers who are planning golf outings, particularly for non-profit tournaments, can use the site to find the perfect place to host their event.

Mike Last saw a problem and has come up with a fantastic solution. You can start using Best Outings today to find the ideal golf course wherever you are.

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