What Employers Should Know About Mandating Flu Shots


So many companies out there now consider making employees get flu vaccines whenever the season comes. The problem is that implementing the requirement means that the company has to take into account various different things. This does include potential legal problems, as highlighted by Schorr Law. There are so many lawsuits that appear every single year about forced flu shots. In most cases it does not en well for the employers as they did not properly understand the law. It is a good idea to always hire a legal consultant when implementing such a problem. There are many mistakes small businesses make and this is just an extra one that few even consider.

Make The Company Policy Clear and Legally Sound

As the company policy is developed, work really close with the HR department and legal counsel. It is important that the policy will be strong and be able to stand up to all the legal challenges that may appear. All laws have to be considered.

After the policy is created, you want to let all the workers know that there are new expectations. Never implement the policy straight away. Allow people to learn about it and then be able to make a decision about whether or not they would agree with the new policy. Any attempt to force them to sign a new contract because of this policy will lead to lawsuits the company will lose.

Understand The Exceptions

There are many different reasons why the employees may not want that flu vaccine. We can see personal choices, religion related problems or medical reasons why flu vaccines have to be avoided. As an example, if there is a person that has a severe chicken eggs allergy, the doctor has to be consulted before the flu vaccine is administered.

The employees of a company have to be allowed to request exemptions. Some of them will be legitimate while others will not be. What is important is to seriously consider all the exemption requests in order to avoid the legal issues that could appear. Medical experts are necessary when reviewing the exceptions.

Work With The Employees

When you encourage or require vaccination, the employer has to make it really easy to improve program participation. It is highly recommended to host free vaccine clinics or cheap clinics at the work site. A clinic is normally making it really easy for the employees to get the flu vaccine done. If the facilities do not exist, a contract with pharmacies will be necessary.

You will surely be faced with employees that will be concerned about flu vaccine efficacy and safety. When the firm mandates the flu vaccine, information has to be provided and dealing with all the concerns that the employees have is a true necessity.


The bottom line is that you need to always be sure that you have legal aid as you develop the legal documents and the policies necessary for flu vaccines in a company. This is what will help you out the most at the end of the day.

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