New Feature of Google AdWords Gives New Opportunities to Businesses


The Google AdWords platform is a preferred medium for generating online business revenue. Ever since its inception, the platform has continued to introduce features to amplify ad ROI. Continuing the trend, they rolled out another feature that would change the methods and strategies of optimizing campaigns, known as View-Through Conversions (VTC).

VTC is not a new concept; however, it will change the way businesses perceive AdWords campaigns.

In simple words, every product sold is a conversion. There is much difference between View-Through Conversion and a regular conversion where a click is necessary to count it as a conversion, which is not the case with the VTC system.

VTC is not exactly a very new feature on Google. The major change in the latest Google AdWords update is the processing time. Earlier, Google used to show a month of VTC data collectively but now, since 29 March 2017, the VTC display window has been reduced to a single day. This improves a marketer’s chances to analyze and improve AdWords campaigns.

For example, let’s say you Google “red puma shoes” and click on an ad run by Puma. You viewed it but did not purchase. Through re-targeting, the Puma campaign continues to reach out to you. On the third week, you decide to buy the Puma shoes and make your purchase directly from their website. This will be counted in the VTC pipeline where the marketer had a conversion without a direct click on the Puma ad. Earlier, Google had a 30-day window for this, almost like cookie tracking, but now it is reduced to just one day, which is a significant development for businesses.

Commenting on the VTC update, Eddie Madan, the CEO of #1 SEO company in Toronto called Edkent Media, says: “VTC is a significant change for the AdWords platform. It will improve the data analytics window and give marketers like us to optimize and generate better revenue for our clients. We understand that every action can’t be quantified with a ‘click’ and VTC has expanded the possibilities of targeted purchases through re-marketing”.

The VTC data is essential to understand the success of the business.

3 Reasons to Use VTC Data for Business Growth

Here they are:

1. Accurate ROI Tracking

If you can understand the concept of VTC properly, you can choose your keywords better which will eventually help you gain a higher number of conversions in a day. Your cost per conversion can be lower, and you may get the better campaign to profit margins. You will have to rethink your strategy and allocate advertising budget keeping VTC in mind. As you can monitor the VTC data daily, you will understand the performance statistics better. You must include VTC in your advertisement strategies as it has a direct relation to the running ad campaigns.

2. Mobile and Desktop Conversion Tracking

VTC will help you to understand the traffic more effectively. You will be able to see, for example, if someone has seen the ad on mobile but has made a purchase on the desktop. Google has launched a cross tracking device so if you click on mobile but buy on the desktop; they can still track the conversion. This will help you track conversions more effectively.

3. Keyword Performance

As the results can be seen daily, you get the opportunity to try the keywords which you earlier thought may not work. VTC provides you with a better opportunity to monitor your progress. You can also show display ads. While the VTCs through them will not be a direct conversion, keep them running. They will surely help the business to increase sales.

Before you begin another campaign, explore the VTC responses in the existing ad campaigns to utilize its full potential.

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