How Small Business Owners Can Acquire More Customers Even If They Hate Marketing


Some small business owners are unique. They love what they do for a living, but they hate everything that has to do with marketing. They’d much rather be working on things they love even if they don’t completely despise looking for customers. Unfortunately, we all know marketing is essential if you want to bring in customers. Fail to attract new ones and your business will disappear into the abyss. Fortunately, there are tactics people can use these days to make marketing easier than ever..

You Can Let Software Buy Your Ads

You can’t deny ads bring in a huge amount of revenue. In fact, if you find profitable campaigns it’s the easiest way to build a 7-figure company. You can buy your way to success in record time. It’s still boring sitting in front of a computer playing around with ads all day. Just let a programmatic advertising platform do everything for you. Once you’ve set the boundaries software will do the rest.

Master A Single Social Media Platform

It hurts your brain when marketers say you should be active on every social media platform. Nobody has the time to waste on them all. They definitely won’t be able to master each specific one while running a business. Sadly, it’s where your customers are hanging out. You will need to go there to bring them back to your website, but spend any free time you have mastering a single one. Choose a platform you think will work best.

Chatbots Will Speak To Your Customers

Even if you sell simple products customers will call you up to ask questions. You don’t have time to speak to them and you can’t afford customer support. This is when you should take advantage of chatbots. Software will basically use artificial intelligence to communicate with customers in your absence. Sometimes they won’t even know they’re not speaking to a real person. They’ll walk away with their questions answered.

Get Influencers To Promote Your Brand

If you have an affiliate program people will do the marketing for you. You’ll only have to pay them a commission. It’s possible to hunt for specific influencers you want to promote your brand. In 2018, it’s better going for the low hanging fruit. That means people with followers in the thousands. They’ll be extremely cheap to hire and you’ll see great results if you use enough of them.

Focus On The Medium You Find Enjoyable

When you love the market you’re involved in you will enjoy sharing your knowledge. You can post articles on your website if you like writing. Google will eventually take care of the marketing for you. Shoot quick videos if you enjoy being on camera. YouTube will end up sending customers your way. You can even start a podcast and iTunes will help you out. Focus on the one you find most enjoyable to stay consistent.

You Don’t Need To Be A Great Marketer

Hopefully you finally know it’s possible to market your business without doing much yourself. You need to start thinking outside the box if you want to succeed. Follow these tips if you want to see quick results.

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