Holding Onto Star Employees In The Age Of Entrepreneurship


Small business owners should be worried these days. It’s becoming a lot tougher to hold onto your star employees. The danger isn’t even coming from your competitors. It boils down to the fact it’s far too easy to start a business in 2018. Any great employee won’t have trouble finding success doing their own thing. You have to make them think that staying with you is worth it, but this isn’t always easy. Let's discuss a few of the ways you can use to keep them on-board.

Employees Appreciate Decent Health Coverage

Once someone decides to go out on their own they won’t have any health insurance. It’s expensive paying for it yourself when your business isn’t even profitable yet. You can use this to tempt them into staying with you. Small group health plans with the right company is the perfect solution. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on a monthly basis, plus your star employees will essentially be paying for it themselves.

Pay Close Attention To Who You’re Hiring

In an ideal world, every single one of your employees will like each other. This is your main goal when you’re hiring new employees. You need to know they’ll get along with everyone else even if they possess special skills. An office becomes a horrible place to work every day when everyone is arguing with each other. If your employees with entrepreneurial dreams start their own business they’ll get to choose who they work with.

Give Your Employees Extra Responsibilities

When you run your own business you get to make all the decisions. There is nobody telling you what to do. You have to take on all the responsibilities, which is empowering even though it’s fairly difficult. Do you think some of your top performers might be bored? Are the jobs they’re taxed with too easy for them? They probably want to take on more responsibilities, so you should do your best to please them.

Sharing Secrets With Your Best Employees

Business owners know how the company is doing. They’ll know when it’s meeting specific targets, plus they’ll know when it’s not. Employees will usually be clueless about this kind of details. You can start to give certain employees secret company information to show them how they play a huge role in its success. Obviously you should avoid sharing any details that will frustrate them.

Flextime Means A Lot To Your Star Performers

Anyone in business for themselves knows it comes with certain perks. One of them is the fact you don’t need to be sitting behind a desk by a certain time. It’s possible to come and go as you please. When you’re running a business you can’t afford to give your employees that much leeway, but you must look into implementing flextime. Your star performers will feel like they have a lot more freedom.

It’s Impossible To Hold Onto Everyone

There will come a day when some of your favorite employees leave. Follow these tips and it won’t be for a while. You’ll also get to keep a few you would likely have lost, so you will have less star performers to replace.

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