Brand Building Tips That Could Take Your Small Business BIG in 2018


Brand building is an evolving art. A few years ago, small businesses did not have the vision to look at brand building beyond basic SEO, link building, article submission, and creating a good looking logo.

However, digital marketing has grown super-fast, and brand building for small businesses encompasses a lot more planning and vision. Particularly because of easy availability of advice and tools, small businesses are actually at a level playing field with big businesses, when it comes to brand building.

Before you get completely busy in taking your business growth to the next level in 2018, here are some dependable methods to build your small business brand.

Establish Laser Sharp Focus on Your Market

Your small business can’t appeal to or satisfy everyone and this is the reason business analysis is critical to business success.

To quickly establish your brand, you’ve got to focus your attention on the right audience and channelize your resources towards occupying their mind space.

Finding your market is about understanding your business model to a deep extent, mapping clear business goals, and identifying the market groups that you can target most easily and with maximum returns. Your target market then defines the choice of marketing platforms you make.

Everything, right from the marketing platform to the tone and style of your marketing messages, changes depending on whom you’re targeting. Moreover, you need to delegate the tasks to the right departments and to the right people in order to get the maximum benefit.

Strengthen Your Authority and Pass on The Branding Juice to Your Business

Though this will take a lot of your time, the benefits are worth it all the way. By marketing yourself as an authority in your niche, you can draw in more followers and leads to your business, and improve its brand equity. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Establish super strong content marketing tactics, including a well-planned editorial calendar.
  • Research on Q&A websites and trending topic blogs to identify the queries, pain points and interests of your audiences.
  • Target social media groups relevant to your niche and contribute valuable content in there.
  • Look for conferences, local business events, and opportunities to feature as a keynote speaker in educational institutes to establish a local brand.
  • Contribute content on popular posts; this gets you high value backlinks that enhance your SEO, and help by improving online visibility.
  • Engage a designer and web developer to create branding design assets such as logo, trademark, basic website color scheme, etc. and then use them consistently across channels.

If you need more help then here is a great guide on how to become a brand ambassador for your own business niche.

Leverage the Potential of Social Media Like A Pro

2018 will bring a lot of opportunities for you to improve your social media game. For instance, with cleverly thought and well planned Live video content, you can strengthen your brand image in the minds of potential consumers.

Social media platforms keep on adding new functionalities; make sure your small business is at the forefront in terms of using these, to benefit from the first mover advantage. You can use AR to raise sales and improve engagement with your customers. LinkedIn recently launched its native videos functionality, allowing businesses to post video content on the platform directly.

Online Reviews and Ratings

Nothing enhances your brand image as positive reviews and ratings do. You can do a lot to get more positive reviews. For starters, all offline business locations must keep a few smartphones and tablets handy, so that field personnel (such as attendants in your café) can directly approach customers for reviews and ratings, particularly if they can sense their delight.

Next, include requests for reviews and ratings in your email marketing mix. Consider sending free samples of your products to influencers to get their opinion (and hence, another positive brand mention) online. Get your Google My Business listing (if not done already), complete your profile, and start floating some incentives to shoppers so that they find the time to review your business.

More Brand Building Tips for Small Businesses

Apart from the methods discussed above, you can use some of these tips:

  • Connect with something deeper than the audience’s need for a good product; look for opportunities to associate with local and community bodies that enjoy consumer support, connect yourself to a cause, stir up some nostalgia, keep experimenting.
  • Include press releases in your brand building campaigns; curate a list of at least 50 press release submission portals and target at least 3-5 press releases a month.
  • Organize social media contests to give away branded and promotional merchandise
  • Get your team involved in the branding efforts; at least have them give their anonymous feedback on the perceived brand equity of your business

Concluding Remarks

Your small business can grow very big, and you only need to get a few of your strategic brand building initiatives on the bull's eye for this to happen. Put your foot on the pedal; trust these practical brand building tips for great returns.

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