3 Signs that You are Working with a Great Web Designer


If you don’t have experience with web design in general, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a good web designer and a complete hack. However, there are some things that will clearly indicate the level of expertise of a particular web designer. Here are three signs that you are working with a great web design team.

They Have Real and Important Websites to Show Off as Examples

One of the signs you are working with a great web designer is the fact that they not only have a cool portfolio and long list of clients but that some of their clients are brands and businesses you’ve actually heard of. Someone who built a working website is ahead of someone who only has art school portfolios. A web designer who can show you professional working websites supporting brick and mortar businesses versus their friends’ blogs is clearly a better web designer since others keep choosing to pay them for their services. When an Austin web design firm can show off websites with advanced functionality that have worked for a major business, you’ve found one of the best in the area.

They Tell You What They Are Doing and How They Are Doing It

The best web designers can explain the how and why of their website design in addition to the “what”. For example, they can explain how they are streamlining your website’s interface with your enterprise resource planning system without compromising security. They can tell you how they are making an infographic load so quickly or interactive functionality run without errors. If they make changes, they’ll have reasons for it beyond “speed”, “time savings” and “looking good”. Instead, you’ll get answers like making the site mobile friendly, improved information security, or greater reliability.

The Best in Class Pricing

You don’t want the cheapest web designer. They can’t do much more than throw together a WordPress blog, rely on code modules that they assume will work without charging more for testing, or hire the cheapest international talent possible to work on your site and say a completed site is sufficient for payment. In contrast, you pay a little more for someone who builds IT security and search engine optimization into the website, thoroughly tests the website’s interface with your purchasing and customer relationship management system, and verifies that the site meets your requirements before calling it quits.

When you go with the cheapest option, you may get a pretty site based on a template and an additional bill if you ask for anything more. In this regard, the cheapest web designers are like the locksmiths who advertise a $20 fee for service and then state that’s the cost to show up, here’s the $100 fee for labor. Quality web designers charge a rate you can rely on and quote a reasonable budget unless you expand the scope of the project.


Great web designers can show you a number of functional and high-profile websites that they designed. They have good communication beyond responding to emails asking for status reports, and they are able to tell you why they are doing things and how they are doing it. The best web designers quote a reasonable price and rely on quality talent instead of low balling the offer and then delivering barely functional sites built with cookie cutter templates.

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