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Arizona is the sixth largest state and is located on the western part of the United States. It borders New Mexico, California, Utah, and Nevada. Although it reaches over 113 thousand square miles, only fifteen percent of the land is privately owned. The rest of Arizona consists of Native American reservations, parks, and recreational areas. Known as the land of desert, mountains, and plateaus the difference in elevation causes the climate conditions to vary throughout the state. Summers are hot, and November through February are the coldest months.

The Grand Canyon National Park is a well known land mark in Arizona. The canyon is 227 miles long and 6000 feet deep. Before the Europeans migrated to Arizona, the Grand Canyon was occupied by the Native Americans. The many caves enabled the Native Americans to build settlements. Now, tourists can enjoy lavish hotels, and lodges that provide them with tours of the Grand Canyon. And if tourists would rather take a different approach to the Grand Canyon, helicopter tours are available as well. Besides sightseeing, tourists can also enjoy whitewater rafting, running, and hiking.

Arizona's nickname "Copper State" originated from it's reputation as the leading producer of copper. Cotton is also a leading crop in Arizona. Its growing industries has resulted in its growing population. Many retirees moved to Arizona in order to enjoy the desert weather. Visit our yellowpages for more information.

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